Saturday, September 9, 2006

A Joke A Day

About a year ago my sister, who lives in Virginia, was talking with her four year old son, Brent. He was asking her why all their relatives from Wisconsin talk funny and sound like their noses are plugged up.

"They think we have an accent," she replied.

"But they have an accent, right?", Brent asked. "They talk funny?"

"Everybody talks in different ways" she tried to explain. "To them, we sound like we talk very slow and all our words are d-r-a-w-n out."

His eyes got big, and he whispered seriously, "Oh, no. You mean they hear funny too?"


heavenboundct1 said...

lol... that is funny.... found  your journal while searching 9/11 memories..... love your journal and have added you to my alerts.
God Bless

heavenboundct1 said...

forgot to add my journal link sorry