Wednesday, September 6, 2006

From Kathy

I didn't write this.  I "borrowed" it from a group I am in.  I liked it and thought I would share it with you.
Hello  I  would  like to share  what  my  pastor  shared in  our  church  yesterday.  I thought it  was   good.   She   took   pencils and  gave  them  to  all the  children  saying  for   school  beginning they  all needed  pencils.   But  went   on  to  say  we are  all  like  pencils.    Pencils  are   used  for  communicating.    But  as   pencils and   Christians  go on  they   become   dull.  They need  to be  re sharpened.   If  we  do not   sharpen  a   pen    you   can't  use it.   Same  way  with   being  a  pencil  we need  to  renew  ourselves and  stay   sharpened.    But there is one thing that  a pencil  has   that a  pen  doesn't... That is  an  eraser .   If  we   write  something  and   decide  we  do not  want  it   we  can  erase  it  as if its  not there.   And the  same  way  with  God.   We  all  make  mistakes.   And  we   can  go to God  and   He  will erase  all the  mistakes  like  they  were not there.  

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