Tuesday, September 12, 2006

From Cathy

Hi Krissy, Hi John!
Today in Jland I've seen many beautiful and moving tributes to the victims and families of 9/11/01 they're all so heartfelt.  This place is filled with incredible, caring people.
I "saw" Val today and we exchanged our feelings a bit.  I also got to see JOSIAH!!  WOA this babe is too adorable for words, he's got those dark smiling eyes and seems so alert to everything!  Hopefully we'll see more pictures soon.  So, Aunt Krissy, how are you holding up dear?  I wish I lived closer, there's so much I could help with !  Watch your health, sweetheart, don't get stressed. 
Hi again John, I was thinking of how quickly so many people heal once they're out of a hospital setting - always found that to be true, it happened to me as well.  My prayers for you are daily, it's a sort of ritual with a lighting of a candle and special meditations.  So many people here are rooting for a quick recovery, and even if it takes longer than you anticipate, you'll be all the stronger for the healing your body will do naturally on its own. 
God love bless and protect you both.  And if I may, let me leave you with this message:  It's not how far you've come, it's how far you've come from where you were. 
Love always, Cathy

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