Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From Val

Krissy, step-by-step, inch-by-inch, this WILL get worked out.  With all of our angels =).  I haven't called you as I was waiting for your call, knowing that you are soooo busy.  Knowing that John needs you for everything.  I will call you tonight if I don't hear from you, k, honey.  I am on my way to therapy and then to see Mr. Michael.  Michael Sanchez has been staying with me this week.  I will tell you about this when I talk to you next.  So, is there ANYTHING I can do for you before you get home?  I am picking up kitty litter so you have some when you get home cuz your kitty is running out.  Ummm, what else?  Don't know.  I miss you guys sooooo much!!  I got the crochet needle for you and a book on how to crochet from our little mommy =D!!  I just need to get you some yarn.  When you get home we will pick a day for me to spend the night =!!  Yay!!!  I love you sooooo much!!  Love, your sissy who loves you with every inch of her heart xoxox

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