Monday, September 11, 2006

From Barb

Dear John & Krissy,
I thought this too beautiful to
keep to myself.


less Thee, O Lord,
for the living arc of the sky over me this morning.

Bless Thee, O Lord,
for the companionship of night mist
far above the skyscraper peaks I saw
when I woke once during the night.

Bless Thee, O Lord,
for the miracle of light to my eyes
and the mystery of it ever changing.

Bless Thee, O Lord,
for the laws Thou hast ordained holding fast
these tall oblongs of stone and steel,
holding fast the planet Earth in its course
and farther beyond the circle of the Sun.

carl sandburg


artloner said...

dear krissy and john,

i hope this monday was a better day for you both.  you remain in my thoughts.



fisherkristina said...

Oh, that was beautiful Barb.