Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hi you all.  This is my second attempt at making an entry, so this one will be much shorter 
John and I are back from the hospital.  He has bronchitis and Influenza B.  They ran a lot of tests on him, and yes, they can test for the flu nowadays.  That surprised me, I didn't know they could test for a viral infection.  So he has a bacterial infection (bronchitis) and a viral infection (the flu).
He was given Tamaflu (for the flu) and Levaquin (for bronchitis).  I was surprised, once again, that there was a medication that could help one get over the flu.  The doctor said it speeds you through the recovery process.  Wow, imagine that.
So John just woke up after a few hours of sleep in his own bed.  His temperature is 102.1 degrees right now.  Drat.  I thought it would go down, but I guess not.  Maybe it will go up for awhile.  At least he doesn't have "gram negative bacteria", which could be deadly.  Actually, he probably doesn't have anything extremely serious, but he could.  I just read on John's discharge sheet a few minutes ago that there were some additional cultures that were done last night, and they take 24 hours to grow, and if the doctor finds anything in a day or two when the results of the cultures come back, he will notify us.
One more thing.  John's immunities are very low.  They did a test at the hospital.  But his immune system is not compromised enough to keep him in the hospital.  So they released him into my care at home.  
They told me John would have to stay in bed 10 days. 
So, like, I am going to be plenty tired, as my fibro is acting up and my shoulder/arm is trying to heal.  And I am going to have to do everything myself, as well as take care of John.  Oh well.  I am just so tired, because we have had a lot going on lately.  I need to take it one day at a time, one thing at a time, so I don't get overwhelmed.
Okay, let me get this posted before it gets eaten or I delete it, LOL.  I need to get back to John also.  And go to the drug store and get him some medication.
I will have to take the bus, as my narcolepsy will not allow me to drive yet.  Ugh, there is a transfer and it will take hours before I get home, between getting the script filled and waiting in line between transfers, LOL.  There is, like, a half hour to an hour wait for a switch over to the next bus when I transfer!
Thank you all for your support and prayers.  I am sorry if I scared you with that last entry, saying John was so sick.  He could be a lot worse.  Poor guy feels miserable though. 
Okay, off to get some things done.
Love you all,  Krissy

From Krissy

John and I are off to the Emergency Room right now.  He has a fever of 101, which is not high for the average person, but too high for a post bone marrow transplant patient.

He is going to get his wbc and anc checked first (to see how his immune system is doing), then he will be cultured.  The cultures will see if he has a serious bacterial infection, such as "gram negative".  That is what he had when he was in the hospital this past Thanksgiving with a 104.5 temperature and almost didn't make it.  

So I don't know if he will be hospitalized or sent home.  We will see.  Could you all pray?  Thanks.