Sunday, September 3, 2006

From Everyone


Hello my friends. I thought I would give you a small peek at just how many people in this world are praying for you. These are people who have sent cards, ecards, given blood, or are just praying for you both. This is just an estimate of course. I know it is much bigger than this but, this is just a sample. No names, just people. Equal in our hearts and united by our love for you. This is just the beginning!

North Carolina: 7

South Carolina: 5

Maryland: 3

U.K. : 7

California: 9

Texas: 2

Canada: 2

Oregon: 3

Florida: 5

Massachusetts: 3

Pennsylvania: 6

Ohio: 5

Scotland: 3

New Jersey: 2

Missouri: 2

Germany: 1

Iowa: 3

Hawaii: 1

Vermont: 3

Nevada: 5

Trees Chat Room Friends: 100

Virginia: 3

Colorado: 3

Alabama: 5


S. Dakota: 2

Tennessee: 2

N. Dakota: 1

New York: 1

Oklahoma: 1

Wisconsin: 1


1 comment:

fisherkristina said...

I am so moved I am almost in tears.  I am printing this out for John to show him at the hospital when I go back tonight.

Krissy :)