Wednesday, September 6, 2006

From Sylvia


Sending a posy from my garden, to brighten your day.
Every petal represents my love and good  wishes for John and you, my dear friend Krissy. 
Have lots going on here, but am keeping positive  (that's on the days when , like you, I don't finish up in tears of  f rustration and enxhaustion.
Here's something to smile about. Ron has finally collected his dentures, after 23 years of not wearing his  last  set. He looks like Dennis The Menace's mate - Basher!   When he walked out of the dentist ,I had to run around the nearest corner and  smother my giggles. Something makes me think they will remain stuck on the bathroom shelf !!
Holly & Jasmine came over today, it was great, even though I ended  up covered from head to toe in baby sick!!   She's just like her big sister - irrsistable to a doting grandmum.
Love and Prayers For You Both.
Your true friend from England.
Sylvia xxxxxx

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