Monday, September 11, 2006

From Amanda

We are receiving a kingdom
which cannot be shaken.
Hebrews 12:28

Things that Cannot Be Shaken
~N~ This date of September 11 will be engraved on
the memories of people everywhere for generations
to come. On that terrible day when terrorist          
commandeered several passenger planes and killed   
thousands of innocent people in New York and         
Washington, we began to realize the true depths of 
evil in the human heart, and the uncertainty and       
fragility of life itself.                                            
What lessons could God teach us from such an
appalling tragedy? I confess I don't know the full    
answer. Many people, I know, for the first time faced
  the shallowness and emptiness of their lives, and turned
to God as a result. Millions came together to pray.    
But one lesson God would teach us all is this:
Our only lasting hope is in Him. Life has always been
uncertain; September 11 only made it clearer. Where
will you turn for your security? Put your life in      
Christ's hands, for only He offers us " a kingdom     
which cannot be shaken."    

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fisherkristina said...

Amanda, you always give the most thoughtful of devotions.  Thank you.