Wednesday, September 20, 2006

From Kathy

Krissy and John,
Welcome home!  Hope you are both doing ok.
So much has been going on in J-land and I am not sure if you have been brought up to date.
First, remember our beloved Editor Joe? (AOL Journals: Magic Smoke) He has taken another job at AOL so he will be leaving (actually I think he left earlier this week) our little community.  Not to worry because Editor Jeff (AOL Journals: Pixel Pusher) will be taken over his spot.  Jeff will leave his journal and take over Joe's Magic Smoke journal.
Have I confuse you yet?  LOL
Second, the VIVI awards are back this year.  Jackie is in charge (HOPE FLOATS) this go around.  Read more about it here --->>> 2006 VIVI AWARD JOURNAL.
Third -- yup there is a 3rd thing.  Gina of No More Appetite for Destruction has idea that's time has come.  She is trying to organize a J-land Convention.  Go here to read all about it ----->>>>J-Land Convention.
 Let me think, is there anything else?  Hmmmmm
Oh yes!  Though not entirely new but you may not know about it.  Stuart (Specimen Days
has started having book club chats at 11 AM (United Kingdom time)  If you can figure out what this is your time you may want to pop in and see what all they are talking about.
Guess that's all I got for now. 
Take care.  I'll be keeping you and John in my prayers.

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