Thursday, March 8, 2007

From Pat


I have referred to Peregrines and it was between Krissy, John, and me.  But now it is time to let you in on our secret.  St. Peregrine is the Patron Saint of Cancer and also AIDs/HIV patients. I am not Catholic but am wearing my St. Peregrine medal to help me keep focused in my faith that God will help me thru all things.  It is just a little something to hang on to.
This should take you to a page that will tell you a little about him.
This is Charlie Grace and me as I was going thru chemo.  I guess you couldn't tell.  The night after my first chemo I went to bed with a bucket as I heard all the horror stories of chemo and how sick you got.  I wanted to be prepared as with my bad knees I don't move to well.  There was no need for the bucket, I was fine.  The next morning ... that was a different story.  Poor Charlie Grace, my Sheltie threw up 13 times. When my head was getting itchy which was a sign that hair was getting ready to fall out I took control and went to Holiday Hair and had my stylist buzz cut my hair as close to my scalp as possible, so Charlie and I could get use to seeing some scalp.  When the hair fell out it was very small clumps that was easier for me to handle.  Funny thing was Charlie licked a bald spot on his left leg. 
I wore a Tee shirt, flannel shirt, blue jeans and if my head was cold a baseball cap.  I got a wig but it was HOT and ITCHY.  I think I wore it a total of 5 mins. total if that.  I was at that grocery store and the counter man said And how may I help you SIR.  In my sexiest voice I said, I'll take a pound of your .....  I was at WalMart and the same thing happened.  Men just assumed that if a person is bald it is a male. 
I was in line at WalMart and a little boy was in the cart in front of me and he said You don't have any hair.  The look on his mother's face was one that said she wanted to die.  I said you know you are right.  I have some really bad germs in me and the doctors have to give me some really really strong medicines that kill some good cells in the body.  Gee I wonder what good cells they kill? The little boy said Hair Cells.  I said you are right.  When I am finished with the medicine my hair will grow back just as good as before, but I have to get rid of the bad germs first.  Mom had a look of thanks.
Again in WalMart I was walking thru the aisle and one of the associates said from behind I had the same barber you did.  She was a breast cancer survivor also.

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fisherkristina said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Pat, and for telling things like they really are.  You were the one that gave us courage to do the interview with John in Sometimes I Think.  
It is interesting how you mentioned Charlie and how Charlie was in tune with what was happening to you.  Michael our cat is very in tune with John.  He now sleeps with John every nightt.  He actually sleeps on him.  This happened the moment John was diagnosed with the cancer coming back.  Michael knew he had cancer, and will not leave him.  He is trying to give him as much healing as possible.  
It's also interesting how people treat you b/c of your appearance.  John doesn't have a hard time with losing some hair, b/c it is normal for a man to go bald (he has lost a little hair).  But he does get lots of stares with the mask.  He has to wear it so he doesn't get germs.  He gets everything from stares to questions.  He has even been told by a child that he doesn't need to wear it, LOL.  Most children just ask why he is wearing it.  One child told his sister that John was a doctor with the mask on!  Anyway, it is not so bad, according to John.  He is getting used to it.

Krissy :)