Thursday, March 22, 2007

From Angela

Hi Krissy and John,
It's Spring but you'd never know it here in NY. The high was 39 degrees yesterday and although, the sun is out, you still feel the Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! : ) But, I love winter but I also know I'm in a minority.
I got a new computer this week and didn't even have to pay for it. Mine was a lemon and still under contract, so would you believe (after prayer of course), Dell decided to send me a new one. Now, I have to figure out Windows Vista. : )
You two are in all of our thoughts and prayers and there is so much love going your way. If you feel hugged, I think it's journaland. : )
I send you all my love, along with the Virgin Mary, who has always been my constant companion.......Not bad heh? : ) She makes me so many miracles that I decided to include a link to a journal entry of mine with one of them. I have many more that I never wrote about. Hope you enjoy reading the link.

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fisherkristina said...

Angela, John and I read your entry, it means more to us than you could ever know.  Love, Krissy :)