Monday, March 5, 2007

From Barb

Good Morning, John & Krissy.
Wasn't the eclipse awesome? Hope the two of you have a pleasant day. I know times are tough, but the Lord has brought you this far. He'll take you the rest of the way too.
    It is gorgeous out this morning: sunshine, no breeze, blossoms (pink and white ones) filling up the trees, flowers of every color beginning to pop up, and birds are back. I just love listening to them. They wake me every morning. lol
Well, it's better than having a loud alarm clock do it, right?
Take care and know you're in my prayers, okay?
Much love,

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fisherkristina said...

Dear Barb,

Hi!  Unfortunately we didn't get to see the eclipse, it was too cloudy here in Pennsylvania.

We know what you meant about the Lord taking care of us.  He is so good.  We don't know what we would do without Him.  He is our Rock.

Birds and blossoms, LOL?  John says, "She lives somewhere warm!"  He is laughing right now!  Here we will have snow on the ground!  Wish we had birds to wake us up for an alarm clock!  We can't open the windows, it is too cold, LOL!

Okay, love you girl,

Krissy and John :)