Tuesday, March 20, 2007

From Me

Give up on you? Stop supporting you? Never. Family stays forever. Krissy, I can't begin to tell you how proud I am. Proud to know you, proud to know John, proud to know Val. You three have taught me so much. Things about life and about myself.

If John's work here on earth isn't done, he isn't going anywhere. If his work here on earth is done...the Lord will call him Home. Will we miss him? Oh yes. Will we mourn? Oh yes. But, look where he is heading! No more pain. No more sickness. He will touch the face of God! Makes me a tad jealous. He may outlive of all. If not, go on ahead and prepare a place for us to join you when it is our turn.

Krissy, you do what you have to. We aren't going anywhere. We are here whenever and whatever you need. Take time and just live. Both of you. You don't have to comment. You don't have to read the Gazette right away. It will be here. It will continue. So will we.

John, we will always be here. Krissy will never be alone. We will all be here for her. No worries about that my friend. You just take care of yourself. Fight, pray, love, laugh, live. Most of all..............


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fisherkristina said...

Dearest Tammy.  Thank you for your support.  Your entry makes me cry.  But in a good way.  John is certainly going to fight, pray, love, laugh, live, dance!

Love you,
Krissy :)