Sunday, August 27, 2006

Some J-Land News


Thought we would share her entry with you.

My scanner is down so I won't be putting up any photos for awhile. In the meantime, Krissy has asked for an assignment to celebrate three years of journalizing on AOL. So why do I journal? I started out wanting to get some feedback and exposure on my photography, but I looked around and regarded the "competition" as daunting! There are so many top notch photographers on AOL...The difference between the beginning and now is that I feel I am top-notch too with my own style. So you could say J-Land has given me self-confidence about my photography. Like most of us I just eat up the comments with an appreciative spoon! ;-) I also like playing the Round Robin Photo challenge; there are usually a variety of top-notch interpretations of the topic. I was thrilled when Carly and Karen resurrected the meme after they both left AOL over the ad controversy.

   Even beyond my love of sharing photography and visiting other great journals for inspiration (like Greg, Gem, Marie, Rose, Nancy--to name a few) journaling has kept me so often from complete isolation. I am fairly new to where I live and have no in person friends or family in the area so my long distance friends mean a lot. Many of these friends are from JLand and only a phone call away.

   What I didn't expect was to find a true best friend through journaling whom I have never met in person before. I think I started out talking with Krissy about our experiences with mental health. It was after that I learned of John's bone marrow transplant business. I liked doing the memes of her Monday Morning Question and Photo Scavenger Hunt. Our IM grew into something more that words can't describe. All I can tell you is I love Krissy and John so much and it does not matter a bit to me that we have not met in person! Right now there is so much support for them in JLand, but keep it up because it is needed and appreciated.They are both very strong spirited, but geez there's a human limit at times. They are out at the hospital in Hershey with no friends or family nearbyso it is JLand who hold them up the most. I am proud of that!

    I have gotten so many outstanding graphics from Donna or NightMareMom. She is so generous with her time and skill. I just love all the animation in the beautiful work she does.

    Briefly about the ad thing...It was really hard to loose a lot of great writers. It felt a little like a family breaking up there for a while, but slowly a lot of us became visible still and Donna created the lighthouse graphic to "keep the home fires burning". Glad all that angst is over!

   Another thing I have learned over the past year in JLand is about accepting death as part of life. Pam was such a stunningly strong inspiration on this topic. What a smart and kind angel she is--only now in Heaven instead of here. So many miss you Pam and still use your AOL "Tips". Pam fought the good fight with so much dignity...

   This year my relationship with the Lord has grown through JLand support as well. Angel, Ginger, Linda, Val, Krissy, Sugar and many others have inspired me to learn more about the Bible and simply to apply scripture to everyday living kinds of situations. I have learned more about the absolute power of prayer.

   Like any community, there have been weddings and births. Diva just had a baby girl and Val is blessed with a new grandson. Tammy, Dianna and Nancy shared their joy and all their beautiful wedding photos with us. There's a lot to be said for virtual attendance!

   I'll end with what a blast I had being guest editor. It was sure harder than I thought, but by the end, I had learned how to make my links work . (After Idrove poor Joe to drink) ;-) To every single person who ever left me a comment I say thanks. You have made many a day happier and more productive!

Love you guys! Sassy

    PS. This past year I lost both of my pets; I was really touched by the support I got in JLand from so many of you and especially by Sugar's commemorative piece honoring our pets for Year 3.

   PSS. I have mentioned people and left no links (lazy) so if you are new or just not familiar with these people simply send me an e-mail and I will share the links. :-)))))

~graphic by Chris or cacklinrosie101. Don't forget to have a piece of cake ;-)



fisherkristina said...

Thanks Guido for sharing this with me.

Deb, I love you more than you can know.  You are a Sister to me.  Your friendship means the world to me.  I really do love you.  You have always been there for me and for John.  You have always looked after John, asked about him, and cared for him.  And you have always more than cared for me.  I wish I could repay you in some small way.  I love you Girlie.


fisherkristina said...

Oops, that wasn't from Guido sharing it with me, I am so punchy tonight, LOL.  Thanks Deb, LOL.