Monday, August 28, 2006

From Tammy

To Krissy: Hello my friend. You know, I have been so busy with everyone's emails, I forget to email you guys too! So hey! I hope you are taking care of yourself Krissy. I know there is no way to keep you from being tense and to not worry but, just remember that you need rest and to take care of Krissy too! You have so many people praying for you and John. Give God your burden. His shoulders are much stronger to carry the load. We love you and we are all with you in heart.

To John: Hello my friend. Well would you just look at what you have done. You have turned J-Land into one huge prayer circle, blood drive and bonded people together that never knew you before. J-land has always been one big neighborhood but it is now one huge family. Part of that is because of you and Krissy. You have brought us all together and we are all making new friends and praying together and giving blood to help you and others. You did all that from a bed! I consider it a good day if I get my cats fed on time!
  You and I have never met. We never talked on the phone or even online. But you and krissy are forever in my heart. God has truly blessed me when He sent me you two as friends. Now you rest and get well.We are all with you in heart.


sassydee50 said...

Tammy~God blesses everyone you touch with your thoughtfulness and kindness. The Gazette was a great idea and what you have written here touches my heart. You rock! Blessings, Sassy ;-)

fisherkristina said...

Hi Tammy!  I will try to remember to take care of myself too.  And cast my cares on God.  I should think about him all day, but sometimes get busy.  I think about the Lord especially for a long time before I go to bed at night.  It brings me so much comfort, b/c I know how much He loves both me and John.

I am now going to copy this entry to give to John to read in the morning, so he can read what you wrote to him, Tammy.  Yes, J-Land is one huge family.

We love you,