Sunday, August 27, 2006

From Sugar


It's an early Sunday morning here in Kansas City, a gentle rain is falling, the sky is gray, & there's a stillness everywhere.
My thoughts turn to the two of you, & all the others in need.
With much love in my heart I say my morning prayers over my Prayer Box, for all the names inside!
TY Krissy for the comment you left me earlier & the email you sent. I know how busy you are & for you to have taken time out for me, meant a lot! Don't worry about responding to me personally, I know you have a lot to do & a lot on your mind. Your plate is full right now! Just concentrate on John & yourself.
Dear John, you have my hand holding yours, even though we can not physically touch! I am beside you!
All of J-Land is a buzz with thoughts & prayers going in your direction.
As I told Krissy in an email, there's been 11 of my loyal readers who have given blood in John's name, some couldn't their family member or co worker did! There's more that have promised to go next week! And many, I'm sure that I don't know about, that donated but didn't leave me a comment or email.
Keep faith, my friends...we are here for you!
Have a blessed Sunday!

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fisherkristina said...

Thank you for this Sugar.  I have just printed it and am bringing it up to John's room to read it to him.  Love you,