Thursday, August 31, 2006

From Barb

Hello, you two. I'm sorry I've not written for awhile but haven't felt my best. But today is another day- new beginnings, which always contain blessings. I hope your day is going well; that the knowledge of how many are praying for you - as well as how loved you are, warms your hearts, as well as your spirits.
 Below, is the link to the city I live in. I thought you, and some of my other online friends would enjoy seeing where I live. There is so much you can check out. Click away, ok? Then, when you think of me, you'll have a mental image of where I live and what I just might be doing.

Love you much,

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fisherkristina said...

What a gorgeous town you live in!  I especially love the mountains.  And I like the statues, LOL.  I am a lover of art.  And I like the footbridge.  Especially when it is covered with snow, LOL!  Thanks for showing me your town.