Tuesday, August 29, 2006

From Sugar

Just to let you know dear ones, 5 more of my readers have told me they or their family members donated blood yesterday & this morning! PRAISE GOD!
We love you guys!!!


rayne1123 said...

it is so wonderful to have all these people reaching out to help! GOD BLESS

fisherkristina said...

Wow Sugar!  I am speechless.  I am going to tell John, and I am sure he will do what he did last time, well, get all choked up.  I am going to copy this entry to read to him in the morning.  I am also going to tell him the no. of estimated bags of blood donated to date.  He will get more than choked up I am sure (well, shall I say weep a little bit like before).  I love you guys more than I can say.


Krissy :)