Monday, April 16, 2007

From Krissy

John was discharged yesterday.  Thanks for all the prayers.  It turns out his problems was his PICC line (port) was infected.  They had to take it out.  I wonder if he will need another one.  One of the things he needed it for was to get his red blood cells, but I think he can get those through getting stuck.  He also needed it for Rituxin (chemo) when he needs the Hemolytic Anemia to behave.  Technically the chemo can be given another way, but it is not good to do so at all.  Then there is the issue of vanco (IV antibiotiotics) he gets sometimes, and the frequent blood draws for lab tests.  He just may end up getting another port.  That PICC Lince actually lasted six months before it got infected, which is almost unheard of!

Speaking of lasting six months, John got his first shower in six months a couple of days ago!  When they pulled the PICC Line he was able to shower!  Before that he could only wash up, because he was never allowed to get the PICC line wet at all, or he would develop an infection.  He said the shower felt so good!  

Anyway, they finally discharged John yesterday because his fevers stopped.  Of course when he got out last night his temperature was 99.8, but that is not that high.  But still something to keep an eye on.  In the hospital to keep his fever down he was given IV antibiotics.  At home he will get oral antibiotics.  

So now that John is out, we may get home today.  But I doubt it.  It is snowing back home, and there are 40 mile an hour winds.  I can hear the howling winds outside right now.  Our ride probably won't be able to get here through the high winds and snow.  I am not driving because of my narcolepsy.  If the snow is not too deep we will go home tomorrow.

I guess that is all I have to say, except that I am feeling pretty good.  Like wow, John's cancer is gone!  I didn't really have time to let it hit me, because he had a complication so quickly, but I am really thankful right now.  A nurse came in the rooma few days ago asking us after reading John's chart.  We said yes and she practically fell over.  She was so excited.  Then I realized how excited I should be, and not take it for granted.  Today I am very excited.  If there are a few complications along the way then so what.  Today I am very grateful!

Okay, I am getting off now.  John and I have a lot to do today.  We are going to the hospital to get some prescriptions filled.  Then we are going to see if he can get a certain supplemental drink for him.  We need to find out where it can be bought.  John has lost 85 lbs since the transplant.  The oncologist wanted him to lose weight, but that is too much weight.  Hopefully the nutritional renal drink will be a prescription drink, and then his insurance will pay for it.  I also need to clean up our room at Hope Lodge, and wash some clothes.  So I am off.

Love you all lots,  Krissy :)              

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