Thursday, April 12, 2007

From Krissy

Yes, it is late.  But I just took a four hour snooze, and am going to go back to bed shortly.  I just want to have a few minutes computer time.

Gosh, so like what's been happening?  We have been up here since Monday morning and John was hospitalized as soon as a bed became available.  He had actually been having fevers since the Friday before Easter.  He woke up with 101.5 if I remember correctly.  I didn't write about it in my journal.  I thought it was a little flu bug or something, and would go away, and why trouble anyone's Easter.

Anyway, it won't go away.  John runs around 101 degrees.  He has since Friday.  This is starting to get worrisome.  The doctors thought it was an infected PICC Line, but now they can't find an infction in the line.  They did pull the line because it wasn't working, but when they cultured it it didn't show infection.  So now they have no idea what the source of infection is.  Or is it is a virus.

John is getting an IV antibiotic every other day.  Not every day because he only has 25 percent kidney function and his creatinin level is too high.  Too much of the antibiotic could cause him real kidney failure and he would have to start permanent dialysis, so they are walking a tightrope between curing whatever is causing the fevers and keeping his kidneys functioning well.

Well, that's the situation with him.  We don't know a whole lot yet.  When we do we will let you know.

Now I guess I will tell you something about me.  I forgot to mention how my sleep test went.  Suffice it to say the actual test was miserable, LOL.  I won't go into why.  It would be long and boring.  Anyway, the test was two parts, to see if I had sleep apnea and/or narcolepsy.  They called me back after about a week.  I have narcolepsy. 

Some people say, "at least you get to take a nap", or something equally as goofy as that!  They don't know what it is like.  Narcolepsy is a very frightening thing to me.  I don't know how it is to other narcoleptics, because I have never met any.  But to me it is frightening and frustrating.  I can't drive.  I fall asleep in a group meeting, and don't know if I have been asleep for thirty seconds or thirty minutes.  I don't know what I have missed.  I also fall asleep (say in my computer chair) and find myself slumped over and paralyzed and unable to move for a minute or two upon waking.  While I know from past experience that I will eventually get unfrozen, I still am somewhat afraid and call out for John.  I also fall asleep often while on IM with friends.  If I ever stop suddenly chatting with you, you will know why, don't worry, I still like you, LOL.

Yesterday I was sitting in the hospital room chair next to John.  I was holding a cup of coke with ice, and no lid.  I fell asleep and dumped my coke all over myself.  I had no change of clothes.  No, narcolepsy is not a fun way to get an extra nap or fifty a day.

At any rate, I am not scheduled to see the neurologist for treatment until April 26.  So I will just hang in for a bit longer. 

Well, I guess I better go.  Hang in there you all, Krissy 

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(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))Thanks for letting me know,but,I already read this in Her journal.Have a nice day.