Friday, April 6, 2007

From Barb

Dear Krissy & John,
I came across this poem I wrote in 1982 and wanted to share it with you. I
remember writing it. I was going through a particularly rough time and God, as
always, reminded me that I'm never alone. You aren't either. So sorry I have
not sent much to you of late. I've been sick, but getting better. Love you both, and praying for you all the time.


Don't cry for me, even when there is darkness,
For I've a Friend who is my guiding light.
When sleep won't come- and the thunder scares me,
He holds my hand and brings a calmness to the night.

Don't cry for me, because of all the hardships,
Each troubled time was but a stepping stone
To a better place where love's victorious,
Where I'll live in my brand new home.

So shed no tears, there are hands that guide me,
Along the road that I must travel.
And if I've been just a little bit faithful,
The troubles and cares will soon be gone.

I don't need to cry, though the tears are flowing,
I've a Friend who never lets me walk alone,
I just need to wait in our special corner,
He'll come and tell me about my future home.

copyright 1982

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