Saturday, November 18, 2006

From Merry

For John and Krissy,  Hi my friends,
I hope this brings a smile to your faces.  I am sorry you are in Hershey again.  I pray that you are doing as well as possible and that somehow your hearts feel the strength of all of our prayers being sent your way.  Prayers and Hope sometimes that's all we have.  Oh, that and friends.  A person who has no friend, I believe has nothing.  You both have all of us rooting for you and cheering you on!  "Go John!"  "Hang on, Krissy!"  "You can do together what neither of you could do alone."  You can love each other and no one can ever take that away from you.  I send you my prayers, hugs and my love.
Merry  (Mason City, IA)

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fisherkristina said...

Oh, thank you Merry.  Yes, John and I can do together what neither can do alone.  And yes, we can love each other, and nobody can ever take that away from us.  Thanks for the encouragment.

Krissy (with tears in her eyes)