Sunday, November 19, 2006

From Cathy

Hi Krissy, Hi John:
We're all thinking of you both, praying and scrambling to help all we can, because you're special and unique and just deserve a bunch of crazy angels like Tammy, Deb, all of them!
I've been talking to Val, we share the greatest emails.  We don't use names anymore, just "sis" lol isn't that sweet?  Hey, about that quiz you had, that Val put in her Journal - let me tell you about escargot, which I never tasted, but LOVE the sound of the word!  Remember when Ford came out with the "S" Series of lemons?  Every time I'd get behind one I'd yell, "S-CAR, GO!" and laugh all the way lol also, I say CATS rule, if only because they think they do!
Stay strong - we love you!  Cathy

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fisherkristina said...

LOLOLOL!  Cathy, you KILL me.  S-CAR-GO!  You kill me!  And yes, cat's rule b/c they think they do, LOLOLOL!  Love you, Sis!