Saturday, November 18, 2006

From Barb

Dearest Krissy,

I have little to give you, honey, from myself, but everything...when it comes to what is needed, which is prayer.
Please know you and John are in mine, and I know, in the prayers of others who know and love you both.

You have both been so very strong and courageous, something that is not easy when faced with what you've been forced to face. But God is where you both are. He it is who will continue to rock your hearts to peace. He it is who will continue to give you the courage and needed strength for each moment as they come. He it is who will keep you full and satisfied. Always! Not just when things are bad, but when they are good too.
The GOD of the good times, is the GOD of the bad times. Isn't that awesome, Krissy?

Hug John for me, and yourself too, even if it sounds silly. It pains me that I am so far from you, for were it possible I'd be with you, helping any way I could.

You stay strong, but know in your weak moments, God will be there for you, and all of us who love you both so much.

Much love, honey,


a35ramy said...

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. I know its hard on you both. My husband has to go to have a biopsy the day after thanksgiving and I am so so worried. Please keep in mind that God can do miricles and in Jesus holy name every thing will work out and John will recieve a miricle and be healed. Try and have faith hun, I know its hard but with out faith and hope then there isn't much of any thing else to help. God be with you for forever and a day, Ruth

fisherkristina said...

yes, Barb, it is wonderful to know that God is always there.  I don't know what I would do without God and you all.  Thanks for reminding me that God is still here in my weak moments also, b/c tonight is one of them.  Tonight I hurt b/c I think a doctor is making a very bad decision.  But I will just have to ride it out.  Trust that things will straighten themselves out.  I am so glad I have God and you all for friends.  I must stop writing before I really start to cry, LOL.

much love, Krissy      

fisherkristina said...

Just noticed your comment Ruth.  Your husband is in my prayers.