Tuesday, November 7, 2006

From Cathy

Hi John, hi Krissy!!
Been awhile, I've been up to so many things.  I try to keep up-to-date on JLand and what's happening to people and especially you two, but haven't really been commenting as much as I used to.  I was awarded this position of mentorship to this young forensics student, she wants to study cellular biology which I went through years ago in college.  Funny how you think when you're disabled a bit that, well, now I have these limitations, better get used to living with them.  Now I've learned how much better to focus on what I can still do.  My brain is working and there's so much life has taught me, why not pass on things others can use?  Actually I feel rather complimented about the whole thing lol of course!
So how's life treating you both?  Isn't this cold weather amazing, how fast it came on us?  And it's dark now by 4:30 pm, yeah it's definitely not summer anymore lol.  How do you feel about the changes to our Journals, I'm not sure myself because it seems a few glitches were noted.  But it's odd how AOL constantly adjusts things, always moving things around, updating or just disposing of other things.  They cut my bill almost in HALF by the way, isn't that a nice way to keep a customer?  What a world!
Just wanted to stop by and give you both a (((((HUG)))) you know you're always in my prayers, always.
                                Your lately absentee pal, Cathy  

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fisherkristina said...

Hi Cathy!  Yes, it is funny how when you are disabled you realize just what you CAN do, LOL.  It is nice that you can mentor, that must be giving you real accomplishment.

I don't like the cold weather.  I don't like the journal changes, LOL.  They caused glitches, and besides, please site one thing improved, LOL.  Dare anybody to.  And yes, everytime there is a so called upgrade, problems and glitches occur.  Change for the sake of change is not good!

Thanks for the prayers Cathy.  Love you lots, as does John,

Krissy :)