Monday, February 26, 2007

From Barb

Dear John & Krissy,
I am sorry I've not stopped by sooner. I wanted to send something special to you right now, so went looking through my box of songs and poems I've written when going through trials of my own. The one below I wrote in 1988. I hope it comforts you. Know you are always in my prayers- always in my heart.
With Your Hand Upon My Shoulder
Life these days isn't easy
It's harder then yesterday.
Harder to do what I ought to do,
And say what I need to say.
There's more rain then there are rainbows,
More things to tempt me to fall
But with Your hand upon my shoulder, Lord,
There's no need to worry at all.
With Your hand upon my shoulder, Lord,
I can make it through this hour
I'll not worry about tomorrow, Lord
I'll just lean upon Your power.
You promised never to forsake me, Lord
So, you're  with me still, today.
With your hand upon my shoulder, Lord
I can make it all the way.
Copyright 1988

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fisherkristina said...

Beautiful, Barb.  Thanks for the comfort.