Wednesday, February 7, 2007

From Barb

Dear Krissy,
I heard you were not doing so well again. You and sweet John have really been through a lot. I wanted to apologize, hon, for not stopping by sooner. I'm a bit behind on everything, but haven't forgotten you. Hope the few things below will lift your spirits a little bit. Much love to you and John,

He Will Be (Instrumental)

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fisherkristina said...

Hi Barb.  The songs were so touching that, I well, cried.  Yes, my spirits were lifted.  You see crying for me is a good thing, LOL.  It is what I do when I am deeply touched, and I will remember things.  Especially the Bible verses.  They strengthened me, and I shall remember them when I need them, which is all the time right now, LOL.  Thank you so much for taking the time to select them for me.  Love you,

Krissy :)